Implementation of the parallel FDTD analysis for optical devices simulation

As the complexity of the modern simulation problems increase, the simulation efforts have been growing constantly. Taking advantage of the current multi-core chip to fully utilizing the modern processors available in the market, the development of computational simulators that are scalable and portable between current hardware have become a real challenge. As a result of its simple implementation and wide frequency coverage, the FDTD solver is popular in several research / industry fields. The main objective of this project will be the implementation the FDTD method using the current parallel hardware and provide integration with the Crosslight software. Hence, an efficient and fast optical solver will be realized. Although, the proposed package is mainly optimized to design and analyze optical devices, other applications – such vacuum electronic devices and Surface Plasmon structures – will be considered.

Faculty Supervisor:

Safieddin Safavi-Naeini


Ahmed Ibrahim Abdelfattah Nashed


Crosslight Software


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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