Implementing Community Climate Action Plans in Canada: The Relationship between Implementation Structure and Outcomes

This study builds upon our previous work, to identify and confirm key structural features for the implementation of community climate action plans in Canadian communities, through examining their relationship with plan outcomes (outcomes related to the plan goals, e.g., actual greenhouse gas reductions), and partner outcomes (outcomes the partners experience, such as improved reputation). Key structural features for implementation of a collaborative community sustainability strategy (e.g., climate action plans) are structures in place that help to facilitate the implementation of a plan (such as communication, and engagement of key partners). Information to be collected includes plan details, implementation structures, plan outcomes, and partner outcomes – important for informing the design of implementation structures and reaching desired goals. As ICLEI Canada provides consulting and information services to members, they will benefit from this research as this study will expand the knowledge base for how best to design implementation structures for climate action plans, adding timely value to products and services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amelia Clarke


Krista Wong


ICLEI Canada


Environmental sciences




University of Waterloo



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