Improvement of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for single particle and single cell analyses

The increasing use of engineered particulate matter in a variety of fields, including medicine, cosmetics and textiles, results in greater human exposure than in the past. As this matter may be swallowed or breathed in and penetrate the blood stream where it may reach organs and exert a toxic effect, techniques are needed that can quickly measure minute amounts of this matter in various media, such as the air that we breath, the water that we drink and the food that we eat. This project will use simple, yet efficient, approaches to improve the capabilities of an instrument manufactured by PerkinElmer. This will not only help PerkinElmer remain at the forefront but will give it an edge over its competition. In fact, the improvements will also be applicable to other types of analyses done with the PerkinElmer instrument, which will further increase its competitiveness versus other instrument manufacturers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Diane Beauchemin


Ram Lamsal


PerkinElmer Inc




Environmental industry




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