Improvements in the Fock reactivity of Kraft-based dissolving pulp

AV Nackawic is part of a new and innovative group of companies (AV Group), which are focused on producing high-quality dissolving pulp and other products. For dissolving pulp, the pulp reactivity in the subsequent converting process is an important parameter, which ultimately determines the quality of the product. This internship will investigate the solutions to increase the pulp reactivity in order to improve the quality and market demand of the kraft-based dissolving pulp. The intern will use the UNB facility in carrying out the detailed experiments, and then do the initial engineering/process development to carry out the mill trial to improve the reactivity of dissolving pulp. It will provide a strong training opportunity to the intern.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Yonghao Ni


Mir Mojtaba Baktash


AV Nackawic Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Pulp and paper


University of New Brunswick



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