Improving Data Usability and Identification of Inconsistencies in a Unified Healthcare System

The proposed research project will enable a patient’s family doctor or specialist or emergency room doctor to quickly view the patients’ healthcare data most important to view to help the patient at that time. For example, before a doctor prescribes a drug, they can quickly make sure it will not cause problems for the patient when taken with the patient’s other prescriptions. An emergency room doctor can determine if an unconscious patient has any conditions, they should be aware of before treating the patient. For example, allergies to certain drugs or a recent procedure or operation.

The benefit to the partner organization is that they can commercialize the product to create an income stream through multiple healthcare service locations. As well, their staff will gain valuable experience through the implementation of the product to produce other healthcare information services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alex Ferworn


Steven Delaney


iVedha Group Holdings


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


Ryerson University



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