Improving Situation Awareness for a Collaborative Service Robot in Care Environment

Development of Collaborative Service Robot (CSR) technologies usually targets a certain population group like seniors or people with developmental disabilities (DD) and requires tailored and dedicated research and development. This project is ultimately seeking to provide a proof of concept of a CSR platform that can assist people with DD. The overall project involves research and development focused on two broad robotics themes: autonomous navigation and situation awareness. Through previous Mitacs Accelerate and NSERC Engage programs, Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) and JDQ Systems Inc. as the industry partners have established the basics of a CSR through collaborations with academic experts. Therefore, the expected outcomes of this project are to advance the existing features and add new features to the existing CSR prototype. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Hendrik Van der Loos


Sina Radmard


Developmental Disabilities Association


Engineering - mechanical


Medical devices




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