Improving Social Conditions for Indigenous Youth: A Case Study of Organized Sports in Canoe Lake Cree Nation

This Internship project will look at issues affecting the overall social conditions of First Nation youth in Northern, rural and remote communities, with a specific focus on the Northern community of Canoe Lake Cree Nation. Historically, the people of Canoe Lake lived a traditional lifestyle off the land, including traditional land that was lost to the Cold Lake bombing range. The loss of traditional land and livelihood has had enormous social effects on the community, and its peoples. Organized sport and recreation provide an opportunity to improve social conditions for northern communities, and to rebuild the First Nation youth identity and confidence. There is a tremendous amount of untapped potential for First Nations youth, and this research will highlight how we can better the youth social outcome.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ken Coates


Blaine Mirasty


Meadow Lake Tribal Council


Public administration


Aboriginal affairs




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