Improving the calibration of a multi-camera system for accurate tool tracking

This research aims at improving the accuracy of a 3D-vision tracking system. The physical set-up consists of a tool to be tracked, such as a drill, with one or more planar patterns attached to it and a set of cameras. This set consists of one to four camera clusters, where each cluster has one or more cameras. The current tracking system consists of several modules, including one for the calibration of the cameras (intrinsic and extrinsic), and another one for the calculation of the 3D coordinates of an unknown physical point, the tip of the tool. The quality of all subsequent processes heavily depends on the accuracy of the system calibration of the multi-camera set-up. This project focuses on these two modules by (1) evaluating the existing calibration method and (2) devising better algorithms to improve the accuracy of both the calibration and the estimated 3D coordinates of the tool tip.

Faculty Supervisor:

Boubakeur Boufama


Tarik Elamsy


Radix Inc


Computer science


Aerospace and defense


University of Windsor



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