Improving the efficiency of the Thermal Energy Exchange and Storage systems: A dynamic modelling approach

Space heating and cooling are considered significant contributors to global energy consumption. Fossil fuel energy sources are accessed to meet the demand quickly but contribute to CO2 induced global warming. The thermal energy storage can meet electric peak demand and mitigate fossil fuel related emissions. The Terra-thermal Energy Exchange and Storage system (TEES) is unique to GSS Integrated Energy Ltd that takes rejected heat from buildings, solar thermal or Combined Heat and Power Generators, and ambient cold. A barrier to TEES technology’s widespread adoption is thermal energy recovery efficiency. The research project aims to develop a practical computational model validated by real field data to predict a TEES system’s thermal behavior. The technology will also save substantial energy bills for the Canadians on multiple thermal storage projects that include a single residential, commercial development, or a community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Seyed Ali Ghoreishi-Madiseh


Arif Rabbani


GSS Integrated Energy Ltd




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia


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