Improving Throughput of the LZ77 Compression and AES Algorithms Decryption

SPIELO is a Moncton, NB-based company which designs, manufactures and distributes high-tech gaming products. The intern’s project will focus on analyzing the LZ77 compression algorithm and the AES encryption algorithm from a mathematical standpoint in order to identify any potential performance bottlenecks. This analysis will enable changes to be made to existing implementations of AES and LZ77 in order to increase their real-world performance. This research has potential impacts in the embedded systems community where mobile devices, such as cellular phones, require compression due to limited memory and encryption for privacy. While these devices require such services, their limited processing capabilities combined with their processor-intensive compression and decryption algorithms make research into improving their efficiency an important contribution to the field.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kenneth Kent


Ryan Proudfoot




Computer science


Digital media


University of New Brunswick



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