In-Place Technology Platform

The In-Place Technology Platform project with N. Chandolias and Alkemie Atelier, under the supervision of Dr P. Shrivastava addresses the problem of how people in everyday as well as rehearsed situations can use site-specific media to enrich public spaces: “place-making.” Alkemie will be able to develop specific projects for artist groups that can co-design meaningful in-place userexperiences. Over the course of 5 months of experimental design, the company, the intern and a research assistant will go through several iterations of design-build-try rapid design and engineering method, refining Alkemie’s existing place-making technologies and creating functional project prototypes that can be used by the company and its partners to demonstrate the technology and also be used by artists and communities to create or share media.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Shrivastava


Nicolaos Chandolias


Alkemie Atelier




Media and communications


Concordia University



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