In vitro evaluation and understanding of fabrics interaction with skin cells and dominant skin microbiome: a concurrent material degradation and health implication

Textile industry has been revolutionized over the years with inventions and creative innovations on fabrics to improve performance, comfort and durability. Developing such high performance and durable textiles without compromising human safety is a major challenge. This project will investigate the interactions between fabric systems with human skin and major skin colonizing bacteria. In addition, durability of these fabrics when exposed to skin bacteria under moist conditions be investigated through this project. Three interns will look into these aspects in collaboration with lululemon inc. Interns will use the fabric systems (natural, synthetic, semisynthetic blends) developed by lululemon inc. towards developing biocompatible/ safe textiles without comprising its performance and durability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sepideh Pakpour;Abbas Sadeghzadeh Milani;Apurva Narayan


Iman Jalilvand;Taif Anjum


Lululemon Athletica


Computer science




University of British Columbia Okanagan



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