Inclusion of Indigenous Knowledge in Resource Decision-making: innovative research methods, guidelines, and digital tools

The objective of our research is to reach appropriate recommendations, revelations, and transformative insights based on a survey of the field of Community-Based Monitoring and its understudied methods, while also developing a more inclusive process to achieve this, and applying that process in the creation or refinement of CBM digital tools. In particular our research focuses on the way Indigenous communities are using CBM to monitor, confront, and intervene in projects that affect their land and ways of life. CBM creates a unique space for Indigenous communities to assert their constitutional rights in environmental management and we intend to push the boundaries of that space. Our deliverables (i.e. a catalogue of CBM programmes in Canada from 2013-2018) will directly benefit the broader goals of our partner organization, Trailmark Systems, as it strives to partner with and help build capacity in Indigenous communities to ensure that they control their own knowledge.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rob Hancock


Michael Fraser


Trailmark Systems


Political science


Aboriginal affairs




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