Incorporating hyperflux in a Nanoptics platform

This project aims to develop a new platform for spectroscopic imaging with optics at the nano-scale. It will involve forming a new relationship between Tornado Spectral Systems, RHK Technologies and the Burch group at the University of Toronto. This relationship will combine their unique expertise to achieve a system with unparalleled performance, able to determine a wide variety of physical properties on unprecedented length scales. The resulting Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy system will be of interest to a wide array of researchers in biology, physics, materials, engineering, and chemistry, not to mention numerous industrial and medical markets. Thus at the conclusion of this project Tornado Spectral Systems will be in an excellent position to widely broaden their customer base, including a new entrance into the high performance, research grade, optical spectroscopy market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kenneth S. Burch


Xiaoji Xu


Tornado Spectral Systems


Physics / Astronomy




University of Toronto



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