Incorporation of Algonquin Traditional Ecological Values into Sustainable Forest Management for Ecosystem Service Benefits

Throughout Canada, modern forestry practices have introduced rapid changes in Aboriginal livelihoods and natural ecosystems. This proposal is an effort to conserve and promote Algonquin traditional ecological values (TEV) within modern forest management practices with the objective of initiating new ‘social contracts’ and economies in co-existence. The research takes place in the context of recent sustainable forest development and climate change legislation in the Province of Quebec. My objective is to include TEV in future annual allowable cut calculations to help reverse the tide of Algonquin cultural loss within Quebec forests. Results will see Anishnabek Outfitting Inc. map and monitor high TEV forest areas so that they can be incorporated into forest conservation zones that help to retain cultural, eco-system service, and climate change benefits. The work supports evolving environmental, economic, climate, and social objectives of forest management, Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC), and Aboriginal rights.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jay Malcolm


Rosanne Van Schie


Anishnabek Outfitting




Sports and recreation


University of Toronto



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