Increasing winter wheat selection efficiency via genomic selection

Winter wheat is crop that is growing in popularity in Quebec, as it produces more grain per hectare than spring-planted wheat and has many positive effects on soil health. However, many of the varieties used by farmers are not actually bred for this region, and are often maladapted to the local environment. The Center for Grain Research of Quebec (CEROM) is dedicated to bringing new, better varieties of winter wheat to the Quebec and has partnered with McGill University to use the latest genomic techniques to ensure that this process is as efficient as possible. Through the development of genomic prediction models, which find associations between thousands of genomic markers and plant traits, we should be able to identify superior genotypes easier and greatly reduce the time required to develop a new varie

Faculty Supervisor:

Jaswinder Singh


Amina Abed


Centre de recherche sur les Grains Inc





McGill University


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