Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Relations in Canada

This project will create a timeline that traces the development of Canada though moments that are significant in Indigenous peoples’ relationship with non-Indigenous Canadians. From information available through historical archives and sources, the intern will identify key moments in Canada’s history that have shaped relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people such as the establishment of the first town in Canada, the first residential school and the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report. The Victoria Native Friendship Centre will utilize this historical story in two major public art installations by master carver Carey Newman. The Witness Blanket is a travelling national monument to recognize the Indian Residential School era. Historical information is needed to populate a new educational app that replicates the monument. Reconciliation Monument will be a permanent art installation on Parliament Hill that will incorporate the timeline in bricks that lay the foundation for the piece.

Faculty Supervisor:

Robina Thomas


Jonas Breuham


Victoria Native Friendship Centre




Management of companies and enterprises


University of Victoria



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