Indoor Virtual Tour and Virtual Object Display in 360 Degrees

The proposed project implements the applications of virtual view of indoor environments and objects in 360 degrees, thereby encouraging people to check the information of rooms and products online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, six objectives are proposed, each undertaken by two interns, to build a virtual view system satisfying different scenarios. With collected indoor pictures and product pictures, image-rendering and machine learning technologies, including OpenCV, Tour Into the Picture (TIP), and Unity engine, will be employed to create an interactive virtual tour system that allows user to see virtual views of indoor environments for buying a house or a product online. Completion of this project will yield both commercial and technological benefits for the partner organization, as they control the distribution and access of the proprietary technology of an online interactive virtual tour system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Di Niu;Linglong Kong


Jerry Chen;Shengyao Lu;Shan Lu;Enze Shi;Ce Zhang;Aref Sadeghi


Trendii Technology LTD


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta



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