Infrastructure Services Requirement for Sensor based Well-Being Monitor on a Telecommunications Network

Canada population is getting older as the baby boomers enter their retirement years and the current models for communal care will not be able to scale to meet the demand and continuing to age in place and live independently is preferred leading to the best quality of life and outcomes. The recent COVID pandemic experience has made some of the challenges in communal care and provision of remote care clear. Pilots of alternative models that use technology to enable remote monitoring and supportive capabilities have occurred with some success but they have not seen widespread use or deployment after the trial. A key challenge that these all face is their dependence on communication infrastructure and services.

In this project, a major Canadian Telecommunication services provider (TELUS) will be working to understand how these home monitoring systems and services map into their network leading to the creation of the enabling network services and architectures for their widespread use. Communication networks have had to evolve many times to match the needs and requirements on new services models such as the evolution of web browsing to video streaming. This project focuses on sensors and well-being assessment systems and their implication

Faculty Supervisor:

Bruce Wallace


Saif Almhairat




Engineering - computer / electrical


Health care and social assistance


Carleton University


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