Innovating Computing Devices

In general, if a user is not willing/able to implement himself the solution, attaching sensor and actuator equipment to a computer typically leads to disproportionately expensive  purchases of proprietary hardware or software, which often still requires a considerable time investment. The goal of our planned company is to provide affordable computer-attached electronic equipment to individuals and businesses worldwide. Our devices will: (1) perform data acquisition and control of external hardware, i.e. input/output (I/O) operations; or (2) speed-up compute-intensive calculations. To be able to accomplish either of these tasks, we will leverage reconfigurable electronic chips, which can implement almost any high-speed digital processing given a finite number of logic gates.  We will offer versatile boards that can be re-purposed rapidly and inexpensively to accomplish commonly needed tasks. Our first planned product will be a digital oscilloscope with a better speed and function offering, for a given price.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gregory Steffan


Martin Labrecque


Soligsoft Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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