Innovation to Commercialization Optimization Research Project: What knowledge based tools can help WADE Canada accelerate the suitable deployment of DE technologies?

This research project will address the following question: What knowledge-based tools can help WADE Canada accelerate the suitable deployment of decentralized energy (DE) technologies? The proposed research will contribute to WADE Canada’s mission by:

  • Assessing the performance capabilities of DE technology providers,
  • Developing a tool to assess the needs of end users (those that have the potential to adopt DE technologies),
  • Providing recommendations as to how social license considerations can be incorporated into analytical tools,
  • Analyzing DE technologies and projects using Homer Energy Model and RETScreen, and
  • Developing a Knowledge Management (KM) framework for WADE Canada.

The components of the proposed research address needs that have been identified by WADE Canada. The outcomes of this research and the development of knowledge-based tools will help build the organization’s capacity, increasing its ability to foster growth of the DE industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Irene Herremans


Blanca Elizabeth Romo Rábago, Melanie Page, Muhammad Shaikh, Siamak Khorrami Banadaki


WADE Canada






University of Calgary



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