Innovative wastewater treatment flowsheet development for the high strength centrate from food waste processing facility

Centrate from food waste processing facilities contains higher concentrations of organic matters. Those contaminants (especially ammonia nitrogen) remain in the wastewater effluent after anaerobic digestion treatment, which are the great treat to the environment if not properly treated. Other contaminants (biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, suspended solids, etc.) also impact the downstream wastewater treatment processes. Many full-scale plants fail to meet all effluent discharge requirement or inability to consistently meet discharge criteria. This research project is to investigate the characteristic of the centrate from food waste processing facility and to develop new, reliable biological centrate treatment flowsheet.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sheng Chang


Huihuang Ding


SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions Canada


Engineering - other



University of Guelph



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