Instituting Composite Knowledge About Living Architectural Systems

This project seeks to accumulate information on several focused research initiatives, either recently completed or currently being conducted by partners of the Living Architectural Systems (LAS) group, and provide analysis of these with respects to their potential contribution to a paradigm of “living systems” in architecture. This project is embedded in the need to transcend the communication/methodological barriers seen in traditional interdisciplinary collaborations. A collection of research with accompanying synthesis, as is proposed, has the substantial prospect of laying the groundwork towards equipping a new generation of architectural designers with the skills they need to work with complex, far-from equilibrium systems. Seifert Architect Inc. stands to benefit from this internship by directly applying the techniques being developed by the LAS to their evolving projects, such as lightweight scaffolds, composite component assemblies, and the integration of dynamic systems and sustainability analysis. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Philip Beesley


Luke Kimmerer


Seifert Architect Inc


Architecture and design






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