Integrated Amino Analyzer

Develop and design a fully automated and simple to operate amino acid analyzer capable of detecting with high degree of sensitivity the broadest range of amino acid metabolites or molecular structures found in living cells and chemical compounds. Analyzing the makeup of these structures is often the core to understanding the cause of human health conditions.

The project objective is to design an affordable and easy to use analyzer thereby making it more accessible to a larger human health sciences community and research laboratories. Current solutions are costly and require specialized skills which limits the research and advancement to that of the few large well funded organizations or research institutions.

Increasing accessibility of amino acid analysis will increase the research into existing and emerging human health issues thereby enhancing our knowledge and accelerating potential cures.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tao Huan


Yaxi Hu;Huaxu Yu


Dionamix Scientific Inc



Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia



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