Integrated pathogen management of co-infection in Atlantic salmon

The partner in this project is EWOS Canada, a producer of salmon feed. Salmon feed is made with sustainable and Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved ingredients. A major challenge in feed manufacturing is to support maximal growth and health of fish. This project addresses a health challenge which has received little attention in academic programs: that salmon in sea farms often have several infectious agents such as skin lice and bacterial infection. In this project we will develop indicators of this type of infection at salmon farms and determine how to treat the condition with feed additives. The Interns will work at both the industry and academic partner institutions, learning laboratory techniques to help identify health biomarkers (i.e., genes that turn on and off in response to different feeds and salmon health status), and also experience how industry functions in testing for and treating salmon health issues.

Faculty Supervisor:

Matthew Rise


Albert Caballero Solares


EWOS Canada Ltd




Fisheries and wildlife


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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