Integrating Computational Linguistics into Game Analytics

Game analytics is a rapidly growing and increasingly important quantitative element of game development in which player and play data is analyzed to discover actionable information to guide monetization and future development activities. Textual and linguistic analyzes are rarely (if ever) used in practice for game analytics, yet these techniques could provide a wealth of valuable new information from social media, community sites, and other sources that to date remain untapped. The purpose of the proposed project is to leverage the state-of-the-art in textual analysis and computational linguistics to create innovative analytics tools and methods that fill a critical gap and add an important new dimension to game analytics. The technologies created through this work will be integrated with systems in use in the partner organization, Big Blue Bubble, giving them an important advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Katchabaw


Lareina Milambiling


Big Blue Bubble Inc.


Computer science


Media and communications


Western University



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