Integrating expert knowledge and camera tap surveys to assess the impacts of development on terrestrial forest carnivores

Protected areas are important wildlife refuge but carnivores have large ranges and their long-term survival could depend on their ability to exist outside parks and reserves. The intern will use expert knowledge and camera trap surveys to determine the potential for habitat outside protected areas in southwestern British Columbia, Canada to act as habitat linkages for carnivores. This area is subject to increasing development from the recreation industry so identifying the potential impacts for carnivores can help prioritize wildlife management efforts. This project is a partnership with St’at’imc Eco-resources (SER), thus members of the St’at’imc community will directly benefit through increased capacity and employment. SER staff will lead the camera trap survey and will be consulted at all stages of the project, in turn benefiting the project as a whole through the integration of Indigenous perspectives and voices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Cole Burton


Alys Granados





Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia


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