Integrating state-of-the-art sustainable design with heritage conservation through an online information system

Although ambitious climate change laws are encouraging the sustainable retrofits required to meet carbon emissions reductions targets, a lack of understanding of the synergies between sustainability and preservation often results in interventions which adversely impact heritage values or are less effective than they could have been. Interns will work with MTBA Associates, Inc. to gather, analyze, distill information on industry best practices in sustainable rehabilitation and disseminate this via the “Online Sustainable Conservation Assistance Resource” (OSCAR) -an innovative information system to improve the sustainable performance and resilience of heritage buildings in a way which is appropriate for its heritage values, construction and climate. Interns will conduct applied research with MTBA to test the effectiveness of OSCAR on real-world architecture and engineering projects while contributing to the work of the firms. Topics of investigation include repair and sustainability upgrades to concrete building components.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mariana Esponda Cascajares;Mario Santana-Quintero


Catherine McBain


Mark Thompson Brandt Architect & Associates Inc


Architecture and design


Professional, scientific and technical services


Carleton University



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