Integration of GNSS Precise Point Positioning and Inertial Sensing Technologies for Lane-Level Car Navigation

Present car navigation systems provide drivers with route guidance information relying mostly on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). There is a growing demand at the present time to achieve decimeter-level accuracy for the purpose of accurate lane-level car navigation. This research aims at the development of reliable, accurate and continuous lane-level car navigation integrating the emerging GNSS precise point positioning (PPP) technology with motion sensors in land vehicles. A navigation system with continuous decimeter-level accuracy would have a significant impact in a wide range of applications. For instance, the automotive industry will benefit from such system to increase driving efficiency and enhance driver’s experience and safety. In addition, the proposed technology could provide reliable and robust performance for different intelligent transportation system (ITS) applications and services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aboelmagd Noureldin


Mohamed ElSheikh


Profound Positioning Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Automotive and transportation


Queen's University



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