Integration of Hybrid Distributed Resources in Three Different Systems With and Without Global Adjustment

The use of hybrid distributed energy resources (HDERs) has grown rapidly during the last decade as a way to reduce the stress placed on the utility grid by society’s ever-expanding power consumption. They consist of fossil fuel generators, battery energy storage systems, and renewable energy systems and can be designed to interact with the grid in various system architectures to supply end-user loads. It is important to size and integrate HDERs appropriately so that they can meet load demands, while still being cost-effective. The proposed project, which will be a collaboration between researchers from Western University and AVL Manufacturing in Hamilton ON, will be concerned with the design of new HDERs and will focus on three HDER architectures. These new HDERs will be commercialized by AVL and promise to make AVL an industry leader in HDER system technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gerry Moschopoulos


Ramtin Rasoulinezhad


AVL Manufacturing Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical




Western University



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