Intelligent Cyber-Physical Situational Awareness for Smart Infrastructures

The availability of big data in smart infrastructures have become a strategical asset for operators to understand the situation of the infrastructure and monitor potential threats. However, most of the data still have not circulated beyond traditional corporation and technological boundaries, which have limited the visibility that could have been provided by the abundant data. To break the barriers and raise the awareness of situations for the smart infrastructure, the project will develop an effective framework based on networked microgrids, which employs artificial intelligence to collect, align and analyze the cyber-physical data to provide a clear understanding of the environment and events in networked regional power grids. The advanced situational awareness technique developed by the project will allow more accurate evaluation of the risks and more effective mitigations against them, so that the networked systems and infrastructures can be better protected in the incoming era of Internet-of-Things and 5G communications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jun Yan


William Lardier;Moshfeka Rahman


Ericsson Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Concordia University



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