Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging System Project

The goal of this project is to explore new technology directions in the design and development of Electrical Vehical (EV) charging stations. Each of the interns will study the feasibility and/or viability of new technologies as to their benefits for consumers, owners of fleets, and electrical power utilities. The first intern will review the existing and emerging technologies for electrical storage and connection technologies. The aim of this study is to see if in this context contactless resonant induction charging would be feasible and viable as a means accelerating consumer acceptance of EVs. The second intern will study the impact of technologies that will allow EVs to communicate their charge status with the electrical grid with the exception that this information will help reduce the cost of charging EVs for consumers and reduce peak demand for electrical power. The third intern will study the potential of technologies that can predict driver routes based on past behavior to help electrical utilities manage supply of electricity. These studies will enable the commercial participant to evaluate which technologies to pursue in entering the EV charging market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert V. Fleisig


Adrian Wang, Elikplim Dornor, Peter (Sasha) Kucharczyk






Automotive and transportation


McMaster University



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