Intelligent Perception of Mining Equipment Operation using a Single Camera

In order to further enhance the productivity of mines, it is crucial to optimize mining operations. Motion Metrics Int. Corp. offers a wide range of machine vision based products to monitor mining excavators, and to generate actionable information for the mine management board. Performance of the current Motion Metrics’ products can be improved by intelligent perception of equipment operation state from the videos captured by a single camera. Perception of the operation enables the existing solutions to understand equipment activity from video stream and take a proper action in real-time. Video streams can be annotated based on the activity of the target equipment, e.g. an excavator digging cycle, and can be redirected to different proprietary processes, such as algorithms to measure teeth length, analyze content of the loaded bucket etc. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Purang Abolmaesumi


Fatemeh Taheri Dezaki


Motion Metrics International Corp


Engineering - computer / electrical





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