Intensity Adjustments for Authentic Image Display and Perception in High Dynamic Range Imaging

New High dynamic range (HDR) display devices are being developed which have contract ratios 300 times greater than existing LCD displays. These HDR displays are the first that are able to fully represent the range of intensities that are produced by illuminated objects on a sunny day, and are joining HDR cameras and file formats in creating a pipeline from image capture/construction to display that is able to maintain much higher image fidelity than was previously possible. Part of the pipeline includes techniques for expanding the dynamic range of low dynamic range (LDR) imagery to take advantage of the capabilities of HDR displays. In collaboration with BrightSide Technologies, the research will develop and use mathematical models of images that occur in nature (natural image statistics) to guide the LDR to HDR expansion so that the resultant images approximate their real-world representations as authentically as possible.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Wolfgang Heidrich


Allan Rempel


BrightSide Technologies Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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