Interaction-Indexed Search for Classroom Electronic Whiteboards

Recent technological advancements have led to widespread usage of interactive and collaborative systems in educational settings. In particular, SMART Technologies’ interactive products are being widely used at schools and universities across the country. Although this is a valuable achievement, it also presents new challenges to evolve these systems to new user needs. For example, one of the main challenges of the teachers using SMART systems in classrooms is the need to “go back in time” and review missed meeting or class material. This process requires significant time and effort, since there are pauses, exercises, and discussions that are less-important to the content of a session (e.g., when students are encouraged to discuss a subject in groups, then the teacher answers a question raised by a student, etc.) and do not necessarily need to be included in the session summary. Throughout this internship, we will investigate, design and test possible mechanisms to address this requirement. We expect to employ the results for further enhancements of the existing tools developed at SMART Technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anthony Tang


Omid Fakourfar


SMART Technologies


Computer science




University of Calgary



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