Interaction of Log-Probabilities and Taxonomic Hierarchies

The intern’s project aims to provide a formal mathematical foundation to the weightings applied to terms used to describe complex models (eg mineral deposit models or landslide hazards) when measuring the similarity between models and existing natural phenomena such as mineral occurrences or seemingly dangerous slopes. These weightings are important to correctly matching models with existing natural phenomena, an activity which experts carry out mentally and which GeoReference Online Ltd has implemented on a computer. Correctly matching models with existing natural phenomena using a computer can contribute to more efficient mineral exploration and natural hazard mitigation. The partner, GeoReference Online, develops, markets and applies knowledge-based software for the mineral resources industry, knowledge-based GIS software for application in any field, as well as small general-purpose knowledge-engineering tools.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. David Poole


Rita Sharma


GeoReference Online Ltd.


Computer science



University of British Columbia



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