Interactive ‘digital’ education for multilingual, multicultural, and transnational business practices: The framework for industrial EFL education in internationalism and glocalisaion

This project will bring to the international society a framework for “international-minded” education for business people and industrial entities. Such industrial entities may include ones that aim to start or enhance their international trading businesses, and study-abroad support businesses. The target entities may also include public educational institutions, and federal/state/municipal governmental entities that deal with international public relations, marketing, or communication. The framework provides the public with free referential resources for language and cultural management of international businesses and practices, which could be significantly supported and enriched by the in-depth understanding to the multi-facets of multilingual communication in transnational corporations, and the role of English as a global language in these complex new configurations, including digital communication. As its initial stage, the project aims to create resources to guide best practice for the education of transnational actors who need to deal with Canadian and Japanese customers, fulfilling the needs of the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniele Moore


Koichi Haseyama


Green Path Educational Inc.






Simon Fraser University



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