Interactive and Intermedia Score Authoring

This project aims to address questions relative to the authoring and specification of interactive media art pieces through the means of domain-specific visual programming languages. These specifications will be called “interactive scores” throughout this proposal.
The overall goal is to research and improve usability and ergonomy of software environments dedicated to this authoring task by examining their use against various artistic practices. develops the ossia software suite, a set of free and open-source software tailored for interactive score authoring and aims to leverage the Topological Media Lab’s strong and varied experience in new media arts in order to ensure that the specification, authoring and creation process for advanced, interactive and intermedia scores is as straightforward as possible, with the end goal being enabling as many creators as possible to build their own scores.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alice Jarry


Jean-Michaël Celerier



Computer science



Concordia University


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