Interactive Mesh-based Volumetric Visualization

Our industrial partner, LlamaZOO Interactive Inc, publishes the first-of-its-kind digital anatomy study and reference app, EasyAnatomy. For this app, dissecting an animal model and see its internals are important facets of the learning experience. Through our research, we will enhance this experience by designing an interactive 3D visualization of an arbitrarily dissected model, and accelerate the graphics rendering for mobile devices; enabling personal, interactive learning experience anytime, anywhere. The outcome to our research is applicable for a wide spectrum of scenarios beyond anatomy, including geographic and architectural visualizations. With the result from our research, our Canadian industrial partner will be able to significantly improve its competitiveness in the emerging global market of mobile-based visualization apps.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Wyvill


Li Ji


LlamaZOO Interactive Inc


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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