Interactive visualization tool for managing advertising campaigns

The goal of this research is to investigate, design and evaluate user-adaptive visualization systems, which personalize interaction based on the individual needs of a given user. In order to achieve this goal, a visualization system is required as a starting point with which to carry out this research. As a first step, this research aims to build an interactive visualization tool that will better support East Side Games Studio at managing advertising campaigns. Proposed functionality will consist of aggregating data across multiple sources, better real-time tracking of ads, and ability to manage multiple ads within and between various advertisers. The overall
goal of this project is to increase the number players in their games as well as user spending and also providing the visualization tool for user-adaptive visualization system research of the intern’s PhD.

Faculty Supervisor:

Cristina Conati


Dereck Toker


East Side Games


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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