Intraoperative Surgical Guidance for Neurosurgical Applications

Current intraoperative surgical navigation techniques are time consuming, may involve radiation and most importantly, are only able to account for patient motion during surgery a few times. The research project will focus on the development of an optical imaging device capable of capturing topographical images of exposed anatomical structures within the surgical field. These images in combination with CT and MRI data will guide the surgeon in the placement of devices such as screws within the spine. Additionally, this technique will provide the surgeon with information to avoid critical structures such as the spinal cord. The potential benefits of this project to Ontarian, Canada and world-wide surgical community is a decrease in surgery time and patient wait times, an increase in the accuracy of surgical procedures, while improving patient safety and reducing surgical complications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Victor Yang


Adrian Maiampillai



Engineering - computer / electrical


Life sciences


Ryerson University



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