Investigating and Facilitating users’ participation in trading social networks

“Trustply Tech Ltd.” will control the overall users’ acceptance process using this research project in a step-by-step manner, rather than “trial and error” way of dealing with users. This project allows the company to invest on its development efficiently, by targeting proper users with effective approaches.
While implementing different versions of this social platform, the intern will perform two main research tasks; a) monitors the users and makes an adoption model to identify the most important factors affecting users’ acceptance and b) analyzes the users’ subscription patterns and finds the most effective configuration for the company’s viral marketing strategy in the new communities, based on the available data on previous attempts.
This project solves two main problems of this company, while connects the company to research resources and saves on budgets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eleni Stroulia


Ali Sajedi Badashian


Trustply Tech Ltd


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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