Investigating Driving Condition Impact on Millimeter-wave (77GHz) Automotive Radar for Autonomous Vehicles

To enable the development of self-driving vehicles, an accurate characterization of automotive radar modules under various road or weather conditions is required to ensure reliability is maintained under all circumstances. With this fundamental building-block established, ACAMP will be able to support Canadian technology companies in the development of autonomous vehicles. This project will also provide the intern an opportunity to gain knowledge and practical experience in the field of millimeter-wave radar and the opportunity to network with the growing autonomous vehicle industry through ACAMP’s clients. The project involves reliability tests under different weather conditions such as extreme high and low temperatures, varying humidity levels, rainfall, and snowfall.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mojgan Daneshmand


Navid Hosseini


Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies




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