Investigating Insurance Insolvency in Canada’s Property and Casualty Industry

PACICC role is to compensate policyholders in scenarios where a P&C insurer can no longer provide compensation while overseeing the health of the P&C industry in Canada. The proposed project aims to improve PACICC’s ability to identity companies at risk of insolvency and improve strategies to minimize dead weight loss when insolvency is imminent. The intern will analyze balance sheet data to determine key predictors of insolvency and to develop mathematical and statistical models to determine the impact of potential insolvency on the network under various conditions.  PACCIC serves to protect policyholders while maximizing consumer, government and regulatory confidence in the P&C industry throughout Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Matt Davison


Cory Walton


Property and Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation


Statistics / Actuarial sciences


Finance, insurance and business


Western University



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