Investigating Player Behaviour in Social Networking Games

Social Network Games are multi-player games played through social networking sites (e.g. Facebook). Working in conjunction with Big Viking Games, the Canadian company behind Facebook games such as YoWorld and FishWorld, this research seeks to add much needed knowledge about who plays Social Network Games, what activities they undertake while participating in these gameworlds, as well as why some people quit playing. This proposal contains two distinct parts: a) an investigation into why players quit YoWorld and b) an investigation into the player behaviour of hoarding in-game items in FishWorld, a collecting game where players care for fish and decorate their fish tanks. Drawing on a mixed-method study design, the goal of this research is to demonstrate that engagement with “casual games” is often anything but casual.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jennifer Jenson


Kelly Bergstrom


Big Viking Games




Digital media


York University



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