Investigating productive uncertainty in technological intelligence practices

This project aims at investigating productive uncertainty as a determinant factor in stimulating the exploration of innovation. Data will be collected through stakeholder interviews and observations of technological intelligence practices at Université de Bordeaux’s Via Inno lab. Via Inno engages with industrial partners to explore future development opportunities, which present an ideal case study to explore conditions of uncertainty. Uncertainties introduced by the rapid pace of business and technological change drive demand for responsive methods to orient the investment strategies of firms, organizations and communities. While a lot of attention is currently devoted in developing data, computational, and analytical capabilities to facilitate the identification of strategic opportunities, less consideration is given to the influence of how the strategic intelligence itself gets framed and communicated. This study will yield significant theoretical and practical insights on how uncertainty is shaped, represented, and experienced during exploration practices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Max Evans


Jean Archambeault






McGill University


Globalink Research Award

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