Investigating the Non-linear characteristics of EVestG signals in healthy controls and those of Meniere’s Disease

Dizziness is among the top three reasons that patients seek medical attention, and one of the most common disabling conditions that humans face. One of the diseases that may cause dizziness is Meniere’s disease, which its correct and timely diagnosis and separation from other causes of dizziness with current techniques are quite challenging. On the other hand, Electrovestibulography (EVestG) is a new technique for recording vestibular responses in the ear, and has shown very encouraging results for to show EVestG signals being capable of discerning Meniere’s disease for both bilateral and unilateral impairments. This study is a pilot study on the use of EVestG for diagnosis of Meniere's disease by analyzing the EVestG nonlinear fractal dimension characteristics. We will validate the fractal dimension characteristics by statistical analysis between two groups of individuals with no dizziness and those suspected of Meniere's.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Zahra Moussavi


Zeinab Dastgheib


Neural Diagnostics (Canada) Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Life sciences


University of Manitoba



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