Investigating the Paradoxical Adoption of Blockchain in Healthcare Data Sharing: The Patterns, Consequences and Mediating Mechanisms of Challenging yet Succumbing to Incumbents

In this Mitacs project, we examine how nascent technology advocators can successfully implement the technology in highly institutionalized settings. Using the implementation of Blockchain in healthcare data sharing as an example, we compare and contrast the implementation strategies of 6-8 start-ups or divisions of established companies, and examine how the different types of implementation strategies lead to different implementation outcomes. Based on this research, BI will learn about the key advocators of Blockchain for healthcare data sharing, their strategies and performance. Also, BI can reflect on its own experience and learn from others’ success or failure. In addition, BI will know how to position itself amongst other Blockchain advocators in healthcare data sharing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victoria Lemieux


Chang Lu


Boehringer Ingelheim


Computer science






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