Investigating the use of mixed reality technologies as a solution to help mitigate the challenges under the COVID-19 restrictions for artistic collaboration and education

Traditionally, artistic communities relied on face-to-face encounters to learn their skills, collaborate, and showcase their work. Due to COVID-19, performances in the arts have been abruptly halted and traditional music lessons take place at a studio has stopped.
This project aims to examine and provide a prototype solution to mitigate the challenges in artistic collaboration and education that are the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will focus on employing asynchronous and real-time video and 3D data streaming technologies as an alternate means of creating an immersive environment that will be more satisfied with the existing system. We hope to establish collaboration models (including UI/UX, control and communication, and trust/privacy) with these technologies for education and creative collaboration.
There is an immediate need to explore a new paradigm for performing, teaching, collaborating, and learning in the artistic communities. This research project will benefit practitioners and researchers on how advanced technologies can be used for day-to-day learning and education of our future artists and extending the collaborative creative practices of artists, whether in-studio or online.

Faculty Supervisor:

Herbert Tsang


David J.D. Hampson


Credo Interactive Inc.


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


Trinity Western University



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