Investigation and implementation of high performance passive and active building blocks of a silicon-based integrated millimeter-wave radar transceiver for automotive safety applications

This project is intended to investigate and address some of the challenges in the implementation of high quality factor and compact passive components and structures and their application in implementation of active circuit blocks in integrated circuit silicon technology at millimeter wave range of frequency. Advanced deep sub-micron silicon technologies such as SiGe and CMOS offer fast and high frequency transistors however the substrate is lossy and a challenging environment for implementation of high frequency passive components. Overcoming this challenges will pave the road for implementation of low cost and mass production grade devices and system on chip at very high frequency for emerging applications of automotive radar sensors and Gigabit/sec communication and wireless data transfer. MMSENSE Technologies is currently developing products in millimeter wave band for sensing and communication markets and this project will address some of the challenges in product development in leading edge silicon based technologies. Conducting research in this area and applying latest research results into the product development will help MMSENSE Technologies to stay competetive and develop competitive products for emerging millimeter wave applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ammar Kouki


Seyyed Hassan Mousavi


MMsense Technologies


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


École de technologie supérieure



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